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Retiree/Post Employment

If you are no longer working at Aegon/Transamerica or planning to leave or retire within the next year, these are questions I can help you answer:

  • Can I retire, and if not now, when?
  • How can I put together a retirement income plan that incorporates all of the personal investments I have along with the 401k and pension to see what income this will translate into during retirement?
  • What are my options with my 401(k) and am I fully vested?
  • Am I vested in the traditional pension, the new cash balance plan or maybe both and what does this mean?
  • If I am vested in one of the pensions, when I leave should I consider rolling this over to an IRA and what are the pros and cons of that?
  • Do I get to keep any of the life insurance provided to me as an employee?
  • Can I convert any of my life insurance to a permanent policy so that I can keep it, without going through medical underwriting?
  • Should I buy a personal life insurance policy since I am losing my group coverage?